As experts in tax and personal accounting services, we don’t directly offer advice related to investments and retirement planning. We do, however, work with several trusted local firms who do, and are always happy to refer our clients to them. Please ask us for a referral.

Our most popular personal accounting services are explained in detail below.


You’ll have to fill out a personal tax return by 31 January of each year or face fines and penalties if you:

  • Have income from rental property
  • Have income from investments
  • Are self-employed
  • Have made capital gains in the past year, perhaps through the sale of a business, investments or property
  • Are non-resident in the UK but still have UK income

But not everyone has the time to sit down with a box of receipts and bank statements just after Christmas to complete a tax return. That’s where we come in.

In short, anyone who has to complete a self-assessment tax return can benefit from our services. We’ll make sure your return is done on time, and make the most of any allowances you’re entitled to. After all, it’s not what you earn but what you keep.

And just in case your return is chosen for investigation by HMRC, we also offer a fixed-price insurance scheme to cover our costs. This doesn’t happen often, but some clients prefer to cover themselves against any future expense just in case.


In general, most self-employed people start out as sole traders, as it’s the simplest business structure.

But as their businesses and profitability grow, or they develop multiple income streams, other structures may become more tax efficient. In time, they may wish to consider incorporating as a:

  • Limited company
  • Partnership
  • Or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

So if you’re currently self-employed today, speak to us about the different options open to you in the future. We’ll explain the various ways you can arrange your business affairs and when, as well as the pros and cons of each.

We also specialise in providing advice to contractors and offshore workers, whose personal tax and contract arrangements can be fairly complex. Please contact us for more details and personalised advice.


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