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Is Dealing With Your Tax Return Giving You Wrinkles?


Anyone Remember The Jaffa Cake Debate?

The old adage used to be that there were only two certainties in life: death and taxes. 

Now, with Making Tax Digital, it seems there’s even less opportunity to escape the latter. 

Everyone knows that dealing with tax is never straightforward - whether it’s quarterly VAT returns, Corporation Tax or your personal Income Tax. In fact The American Psychological Association acknowledges the link between tax deadlines and increasing levels of stress

Well, if it’s all enough to give you wrinkles, it now turns out that there’s no escape even through plastic surgery! 

The increase in Botox treatments in the UK has been sharp in recent years, spurred on by the celebrity culture. But if you’ve ever been tempted perhaps it’s best to hold off for now as the price has just gone up – by a scary 20% overnight. 

In a recent written Tribunal Ruling, the judge has sided with HMRC in a case brought by a London-based clinic. It brought the case to the Tribunal to argue that Botox was a medical treatment (as well as some other treatments, such as those used to combat nail fungus for example) and that it should therefore be exempt from VAT.  

The company claimed that the NHS was advising patients to use private clinics due to the service being ‘over-stretched’. 

The tribunal judge has disagreed, saying she was satisfied that the ‘principal purpose’ of the ‘injectable treatments’ was ‘for cosmetic reasons’ and not to ‘protect, restore or maintain’ health. There you have it in black and white. 

The outcome is that VAT will be due on all Botox treatments in the UK and the clinic that brought the case now faces having to pay a backdated tax bill of £21,064 – enough to give anyone wrinkles overnight. 

What does that have to do with you? After all, I suspect few of my readers will be practising Plastic Surgeons. 

Well, it highlights that VAT is tricky, that challenging HMRC is potentially costly and always risky, and this ruling also underlines that the best way to avoid wrinkles is not Botox… but some lifestyle choices that minimise your ongoing stress levels. 

So, may I respectfully suggest that one solution all my readers should consider is to let me handle the stress of dealing with HMRC on your behalf.  

I can handle your tax compliance for VAT, corporation tax, payroll and personal tax returns. You don’t need to worry about small print, deadlines or definitions, whether it’s medical treatments or the difference between a cake and a biscuit – anyone remember the Jaffa Cake debate? 

Don’t lie awake at night fretting about whether or not you’ve declared the right amount on your most recent return, or avoid opening the next brown envelope from HMRC, fearing they’ve decided to add your company to the next round of VAT inspections.  

Just give me a call! 

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